World Explorers:

Country Kids Schoolhouse teaches children the importance of multicultural awareness, sensitivity, and respect. Our weekly lessons expose kids to cross-cultural perspectives that foster a greater understanding of self and the world we live in. Exploring one’s own heritage is vital for developing a positive self-image and enables children to accept and appreciate differences in others. We encourage children to learn about their own heritage and share it with their friends.

One of our favorite units is to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The children design their own passports and take a flight on a pretend jet plane to China. We listen and dance to Chinese music and learn a song in Mandarin. The kids each receive a red envelope and are taught the Chinese custom behind it, as well as the other rituals, ceremonies, and traditions associated with the lunar New Year. Delicious homemade Chinese food is served for lunch and eaten with chopsticks. We end the lesson by building a colorful paper Chinese dragon and putting on a glorious parade.

Our World Explorers unit broadens children’s horizons and provides a window into other countries and cultures. We challenge prejudices and stereotypes while emphasizing inclusiveness and tolerance.

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